We all know that Sienna has alot of friends that went to Rolling HIlls with younger siblings.  However, the Trails West BOOTYS founders have also gotten a hold of this info, and now want THESE brats for their annoying Club.

Watch Out For....Edit

The following younger siblings are now on the KCCATSA hit list:

-Claire G. (Sister of Maddie G.)

-Samantha G. (Sister of Chase G.)

How We're Going to Deal With It...Edit

As always, KCCATSA has to deal with the secondary-sibling population.  We can't let this reunion happen when all the brats get to 6th grade.  As a result, since Sienna, Chase, and Maddie are all going to Grandview, Julia and Brenna are gonna have to stop them before it is too late.  WE CAN"T LET THEM WIN! EVER!

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