If one of you people out there wants to get into KCCATSA, its a long process, but worth it in the end.  You have to do many tasks for us.  however, if you are an older child, you just have to sign the forms, and you are in!  If youre a middle child, you gotta do a quiz, and if you pass, then sign the forms.  However, if you are the youngest sibling, you have to do MUCH more to earn your way into the club, if youre not already in BOOTYS...

OLDER Children ProcessEdit

If you are an older sibling, you are basically already in the club.  ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS GET THE PAPERS FROM SIENNA OR JULIA! After you do that, consider yourself the newest member of KCCATSA.  If we know you, there are no papers required.

MIDDLE Children ProcessEdit

If you are the middle child, then you have to do a little more.  We might ask you to run some errands.  Maybe like 10 minutes of community service, or a mission against BOOTYS.  If we know you well, then we can make an exception, and you only have to do the older kids process.

YOUNGER Children ProcessEdit

If you are the yoingest child in your family, well, we are sparing you from BOOTYS.  However, we have to gain your trust.  We will join you, but we will treat you like wolves treat their Omega, or lowest ranking, in the pack.  We will take you on missions against BOOTYS, and see how you react.  We will likely use you as bait.  as we grow to trust you more, you will move up, and possibly become The MVM: most valuable member, one day.

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