Adventure Time 5 A

New Members are ALWAYS welcome.

 Here, we are listing the members to KCCATSA.

YOU can get in if you make any edit to the wiki.

We are only posting first names of some people, but you know who you are....

We will also post usernames.

If you would like to quit the club, just simply erase your name from the list.

Remember, if you are a younger sibling, you will not be allowed into the club without doing something for us (ie: posting to the wiki, or community service...)


The three founders of KCCATSA are:



-Jennifer L.

Pending MembersEdit

These people are Trying hard to get into the club, and are doing community service for us.  They are considered the LOWEST KCCATSA ranking:

-Anna W.

-Julian D.

-Lyric H.

New MembersEdit

These are the members who have joined or earned their way into the club:

-Madeline G.

-Rita P.

-Erin K.

-Arianna S.

-Dottie W.

-Wolfie W.

-Chase G.

-Bailey M.

-Bailey H.

-Tanija C.

-Riley S.

-Destiny L.

-Trinity L.

-Alyssa K.

-Gracie W.

-McKenna W.

-Jadyn C.

-Dalys M.

-Larissa L.

-Roni W.

-Eden W.

-Araceli G.

-Olivia R.

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