So, I know I said earlier that all the brat kids would be together at the concert, and that much was true.  In fact, we even chased down poor Claire and stepped on her!  HOWEVER, something terrible also happened.  Something that violates almost every rule in the book!


One of KCCATSA's former candidates for member of the year was seen HUGGING their little sibling after the concert.  His name? Chase!

The DetailsEdit

So after the concert, Maddie Cat, Chase and I were walking down the hall. When we got to the room, we all split and went to our own families.  Sadly, when Maddie and I turned around, what do we see? CHASE HUGGING SAMANTHA!  BIG Mistake on Your part bro!  SHE WAS THE WHOLE REASON HE EVEN JOINED THE STINKING CLUB!  And plus, he wasn't hugging her like "Ugh im doing it because I have to".  He was actually HUGGING HIS LITTLE SISTER.

The PunishmentEdit

Despite what he has done, I (As one of three KCCATSA founders) decide to pardon him.  I hate to admit it, but Samantha is really little and cute, and plus his mom was right there.  Come On, you know how parents feel about siblings loving eachother!

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