Bass Clarinet

Well, now I (Sienna) have a band concert tonight! I am so excited! Maddie Cat is going to be there and so is Chase! However, I have to sit by IAN for an hour! OH THE IRONY!


So today, I am playing the Bass Clarinet instead of regular.  Ian is also on Bass.   Chase is on the Baritone sax, and Madeline, well, she's trying.  She was to chicken to switch, so she is still on Alto sax.

Problem?... You Know It!Edit

Well, since all the Kool Cids in band have a littler sibling, all the brats are gonna be running around at the end party, eating 5 cookies each, and worst of all, PLOTTING FOR BOOTYS!

Don't worry.  All the Kool CIds will also be together, so we can hold them off!

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