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 As each of the KCCATSA members has a younger sibling, these younger counterparts have created their own club to fight back against the older kids.  They named it after the "America's got talent" act of the "One hit wonders" and their song "B double O-T-Y." They liked the song so much, they named their club after it.  The purpose of this club is entered on a theme of BUTTS >:p

It stands for:







When the little kids first created booty, there were only about four members.  The big kids were doing a great job of keeping everyone away from BOOTY. however, they joined all of the other little siblings who were sick and tired of KCCATSA and all of the bigger siblings who had joined.


Now the little kids are trying to draw people in to their club using nicompoop propaganda techniques.  They come up with "BOOTY chicken nuggets" or "Butt dangling earrings".  However, they have not the time, nor the devotion to actually create these products, so they still have minimum members.


Although BOOTY might SOUND interesting, it actually is pretty stupid.  Instead, join KCCATSA, and together we can barricade BOOTY from ever becoming successful.

Keep calm and NEVER join BOOTY!

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