Just as there are angels, there are also demons.  Sadly, the little kids that make up BOOTY club,are these demons.  The brats Meg and Carly have clawed their way past the Kool Cids, and now are joining all of the annoying brats they know into BOOTY.  Most of them are the little siblings of KCCATSA members that we cannot stand!

The Stupid FoundersEdit

The founders o this disgusting club are:

Meg G.

Carly S.

Strongly(Annoyingly) Ranked Booty MembersEdit

These members made it in without a doubt, and i want to punch them in the face! Watch out for them...

-Samantha G.

-Campbell D.

-Ciara C.

-Joslyn B.

-Claire G.

Thats all I can think of, and probably all that are in...

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