What is the MVM?Edit


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Every once and awhile, we will choose the most valuable member (MVM) of KCCATSA, thats not a founder.  They will basically work alongside the founders to ensure the club's success.  This is the highest title a member can earn, but is still below the rank of founder.

How to get MVMEdit

We, as founders, will nominate 3 possible MVMs, and have alot of people vote to see who will become the MVM.  These nominees have shown great character, and devotion to KCCATSA.  We will list the nominees below.  Be aware, they are always changing, so check this page often:

The Current 3 Nominees are:

-Sweety Pie




We wil be setting up ground rules:

1. No voting just because they are your friend; consider how good of an MVM they will be...

2. When you make a choice, you must have a sufficient reason as to why you chose them; no voting just so we will go away.

3. If you cant come up with at least ONE good reason why you are voting for that person, your vote will not be counted.

4. No voting twice; make your one best choice.

5. If we ask you to vote, you MUST vote wholeheartedly, and we wont leave until you do that.

6. no voting for yourself.

The PartiesEdit

The four runners each come from a different party- just like democrats and republicans.

The four parties are:




The people running for each party are:

  • Red- Rita
  • Blue- Sweety Pie
  • Green- Riley.

Winners CircleEdit

Once somebody wins the title of MVM, their duties are as follows:

-They MUST be loyal to the kool cids, and may only confront a BOOTYS member if they are relatives, or are on KCCATSA missions.  In other words, if you are friends with a BOOTYS member, you better break up that bond...

- They will be responsible for joining the older and middle child new members

-alongside the founders, they will train Omega younger-sibling wannabes, and help them rise in rank.

-You will be on the watch for suspicious BOOTYS activities.

-If one of the founders dies horribly or is injured in combat with the little kids, then you MUST take over the situation and help us win the battle

As you can see, the title of MVM has alot of responsibility.  However, if they arent ready to handle it, they wouldn't have been nominated!...

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