SO your guessing that KCCATSA has alot of members right? well, if you said yes, then you are right. 

Suddenly, one time we were in writing, when some people posted about the Polar plunge as NJHS service hours.  I saw that all the kids posting about it were in KCCATSA.  So I joined this team, with two girls from soccer.  There are many pluses to this event:

New MembersEdit

So, this event is a worldwide phenomenon.  As a result, there will be a couple thousand people there.  half, of which, are kids.  We have a great opportunity to join hundreds of new members!

No Little KidsEdit

So, the kids who organized the Freezing Falcons team said that you had to be a certain age to join the team and jump in the water.  That means, none of our younger siblings are actually allowed to come!  that way, we can plot as club members, without those BOOYTS brats wont be there to get in the way.  We can also enjoy eachother more without dealing with our little siblings.

Hanging OutEdit

So most of all, I can talk to people I never get to see.  We will be confined in one space, so there will be no way to avoid eachother.  We will have plenty of time to really be a true club.


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